INF-FNI information sheet and proxy for data protection.
(EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR)

 With this information, we want to inform you what kind of information we store about you, where we store it, how we process your information, and how you maintain control over your information. (Purpose of the GDPR)

  1. The Data Protection Regulation applies in Europe to the data of all persons.
  2. We collect personal data for order processing and billing.
  3. We NEVER share your information with anyone else for commercial, promotional or educational purposes.
  4. After an order processing, you have the right to have your data deleted, please contact us if you wish such a deletion of your data. You also have the right to know what data we have stored from you.
  5. Your data is stored on the local computer equipment (computers and laptops) used in the INF-FNI office respectively on “©Microsoft SharePoint”.
  6. Data processing takes place exclusively through our own computer equipment.

 For any other question or complain, please contact INF-FNI Vice-President: – we will do our best to respond immediately to your questions, entirely and to your satisfaction.
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22.05.2018 by INF-FNI office